UFC champion Israel Adesanya vows to NEVER fight in New Zealand 'ever again' over strict Covid-19 lockdown rules

MMA star Israel Adesanya says he will NEVER fight in New Zealand again because of the country's strict Covid-19 rules.

The Kiwis have successfully restricted the growth of the virus by implementing some of the world's most draconian restrictions.

And UFC middleweight champ Adesanya, 32 is concerned he will NOT entertain a home crowd again as a result.

He told his YouTube channel: "You will never see me fight in New Zealand ever again. All that money, they can get it from somewhere else.

"Their rugbys, their crickets, and all the others they’re giving exemptions to, but you will never ever see me fight on these shores.

"That was one of my dreams, to headline a stadium in my backyard. That dream’s dead in the water.

"That’s just the way I feel right now… F*** these c****, I don’t respect them for what they are doing to my boy."

Adesanya was born in Lagos, Nigeria but moved to New Zealand aged 10 before starting his MMA career in 2012.

He's since become a UFC icon, dominating the middleweight division and boasting an impressive 21-1 record.

But Adesanya hasn't fought in New Zealand since his UFC breakthrough and is becoming increasingly tired with officials closing down gyms.

Fellow New Zealander Dan Hooker claims he's not allowed to train at a gym he OWNS because the restrictions are so stringent.

Hooker told The MMA Hour: "I train at City Kickboxing but I also own a gym. I own my own gym but I'm not allowed there.

The police cars have showed up on me… I get caught one more time, they're gonna arrest me.

"Under the lockdown, I'm not allowed at that gym even by myself under the New Zealand lockdown rules.

"Even though I own the gym and it's empty, I'm not allowed to go there by myself."

Adesanya added: "That p***** me off. It’s like, 'Really, this is what you’re using your privilege to do?'

"The constant effort to stifle, to break up, to disrupt our team at City Kickboxing from helping team captain Dan 'Hangman' Hooker for getting ready for his fight, that’s p***** me off the most."

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