UFC legend Michael Bisping undergoes neck surgery just 15 months after knee replacement operation

MICHAEL BISPING has undergone neck surgery again – just 15 months after his last operation.

The retired UFC legend, 41, took to social media to keep fans in the loop throughout his time in hospital.

Bisping shared photos on Tuesday before going into the operating theatre.

He wrote on Instagram to his 1.7million followers: "Last one, hopefully. This is a decent one. Anterior Cervical discectomy.

"They enter through an incision in the front of my neck. Push all my throat and insides to one side to reveal my spine.

"Then they remove a disc, insert a titanium plate, screw in 4 screws and shave down some bone Spurs in the spine and stitch me back up.

"See you in about 6 hours."

After coming around again, he gave an update and thanked the doctors and surgeons for their work.

Fellow UFC fighter Alan Jouban commented: "Man good luck brotha!"

Liverpudlian boxing hero Tony Bellew added a series of praying and love-heart emojis in support of the only British UFC champ.


Bisping had surgery on his eye after an injury that forced him to pull out of his UFC Fight Night 30 bout with Mark Munoz in 2013.

The operation required the full removal of the eyeball to fix a a detached retina.

But despite 'pretty much non-existent vision' in his right eye, he worked his way back into the octagon and won the UFC middleweight belt in 2016.

However, Bisping's 39 professional MMA fights – of which he won 30 – took their toll on his body, forcing him into retirement in 2018.

A year later, he revealed the gruesome details of his knee replacement surgery with graphic photos on social media.

That came weeks after he popped his prosthetic eye out during a live interview and seven years after surgery to get rid of 'two loose bodies floating in his knee and a slightly torn meniscus'.

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