25 injured and more than 100 evacuated after explosion in Sweden

25 injured and more than 100 evacuated after explosion in an apartment block in Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Cause for the blast remains unknown, police have opened an investigation 
  • Several apartments and stairwells were struck in the blast, injuring dozens 
  • Residents described how shock wave boomed all the way up to the fifth floor 
  • Three women, aged between 60 and 80, were among most seriously wounded 

Around 25 people have been rushed to hospital and more than 100 evacuated after an explosion at an apartment block in Sweden. 

The blast shook the building in downtown Gothenburg at 5am, sending terrified resident fleeing to the exits as others were forced to clamber onto the balconies of neighbouring flats to escape the smoke pouring through their front doors.

Three women, aged between 60 and 80, were among the most seriously wounded. A firefighter also received minor injuries during rescue efforts.

The cause of the explosion remains unknown and police have opened an investigation.   

Smoke pours out of apartment windows after an explosion struck the apartment block in the city of Gothenburg at around 5am 

Smoke billows out of windows after the explosion in the Annedal area of central Gothenburg

Firefighters appear to be trying to gain access to a nearby building this morning

Paramedics take an injured person away on a stretcher. As many as 25 have been hospitalised

Smoke pours from the building as a fire engine cherry picker helps to extinguish the blaze 

Theodor Öréus, 24, who recently moved in, described how the shockwave reverberated all the way up to his apartment on the fifth floor.

‘The front door of the apartment was slammed shut by the wave of pressure and smoke billowed into the apartment,’ he told newspaper Aftonbladet. 

‘Because the stairwell was full of smoke, we couldn’t get out. Instead, we had to go onto the balcony and climb over to the flat next door.’

‘When we came down to the courtyard, people were fainting on the ground. Some have been picked up by ambulance,’ Mr Öréus added.

‘Several apartments and stairwells are affected. It is at present unclear what has caused the explosion,’ the emergency services for the wider Gothenburg area said.

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