AEW star Saraya slams ‘bully’ troll who ‘criticizes the way I look everyday’

Top All Elite Wrestling star Saraya has hit back at an “online” bully after being called an “ugly little pig”.

The British wrestler, and current AEW Women's Champion, has had many issues with trolls over the years, and has never been afraid to hit back in public. And now, after one bloke decided to harass on her on an almost daily basis, she took aim at him by quote tweeting him with his own profile picture – showing that he is in no position to take shots at anyone.

The man has since deleted his Twitter as a result of the incident, but Saraya took flack from someone else online for the act. They wrote: “Not at all saying this guy is right, but making fun of him because he made fun of you is just kind of lame.

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“What he did was vile, what you are doing is bullying – he has 10 followers you have millions.”

The 31-year-old, who has more than 2.7million followers on X/Twitter, immediately snapped back. She wrote: “Wait so what he did was not bullying?

“He comes to my page everyday and criticizes my life and the way I look. He wants to punch up, I’m gonna punch tf down.

“HES the bully – YOU are what’s wrong with the internet. Thinking people can say and do whatever to strangers but people who have more followers can’t reply.

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“We are f***ing human. No I don’t wanna be called a ugly little pig by guy who hasn’t seen his feet and probably has an unwashed a*s. I don’t wanna be called a pig from anyone haha.”

Over the years, Saraya has become synonymous with not taking trolls lying down. And when speaking to the Daily Star earlier this year, she explained that she is now “more mature”, and “at peace” with who she is.

She explained: “It's really strange because in those years I retired and got told I would never wrestle again, I was going for a big rough patch of my life around that time, which was very much on the Internet for everybody to see. So just seeing the young Saraya or Paige to me now, I just feel a lot more confident in myself and I feel very lucky that I healed the way I did both mentally and physically.”

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