Alexei Navalny: Is prison the antidote to Russia’s protests?

On Tuesday 2 February, Alexei Navalny was sentenced to two years and 8 months in a prison colony. After years of leading the opposition party in Russia – campaigning against Putin, leading protests, undergoing numerous arrests and a poisoning – the Kremlin has now clamped down on its harshest critic.

But what now for politics in Russia?

Hosting the Sky News Daily podcast, Jonathan Samuels speaks to Ben Judah, Russia analyst and author of Fragile Empire: How Russia Fell In And Out Of Love With Vladimir Putin.

Also joining him to discuss accusations made about Putin regarding the so-called ‘Black Palace’ and corruption is Sergey Markov, Putin’s former spokesman.

Samuels also speaks to a Navalny supporter, who explains why he will continue to protest.

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