Andrew Tate faces hellhole prison with bedbugs and ‘guards abuse prisoners’

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    Controversial influencer Andrew Tate could face a new year in a hellhole prison following his arrest by Romanian authorities as part of an investigation into human trafficking, rape and the formation of an organised crime group.

    Tate’s lawyer requested that the controversial figure be released from jail on Friday, but a judge rejected the request, which means the police are able to retain Tate in a ‘Detention and Preventative Arrest Centre’ for 30 days.

    It is uncertain which detention centre Tate will be held in, but it is expected to be in Romania’s capital of Bucharest.

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    Conditions are expected to be brutal, with the conditions of the Romanian prison system being described as ‘generally poor’ according to a report from the Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment of Punishment.

    The report said: “Material conditions in all the prisons visited were generally poor."

    “With cells dilapidated, lacking equipment (storage space, tables and chairs), and mattresses and bedding worn out and infested with bed bugs and cockroaches.

    “Many complaints were received about the very limited access to hot water as well as in respect of the insufficient in-cell heating in winter.

    “Moreover, sanitary facilities were often in a poor state of report and retained persons were not provided with appropriate quantities of detergent and hygiene products.”

    The report also stated that it was commonplace for occupants, like Tate, to spend 23 hours a day in their cell.

    “Exercise in the open air lasted in general for only one hour per day and took place in yards which were usually small… surrounded by walls and enclosed by one or more layers of low-level metal grilles… and were partially covered by plexiglass roof panel.”

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    The report also claimed that guards were equally as harsh as cell conditions, stating that prisoners allegedly suffered from ‘ill-treatment’.

    It wrote: “A considerable number of allegations of physical ill-treatment of prisoners by prison staff were received…

    “The report details several allegations of physical ill-treatment including sexual abuse by staff and raises serious concerns over the lack of recording of injuries by the health-care service and failures to investigate allegations effectively.”

    Tate has been a controversial figure hitting headlines prior to his arrest due to sharing misogynist views on his platforms, which instigated account bans across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

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