Armed man cuts off dad’s nose, lips and penis before shooting police officers

A heavily-armed man castrated his dad before wounding three police officers in a shootout.

The 55-year-old victim was handcuffed but managed to flee to his sister’s house in the village of Domanevka, southern Ukraine, where he raised the alarm.

Police rushed to the scene, where three of them were shot by the attacker.

The 36-year-old man – wearing a bulletproof vest – was detained after a second shootout in which he eventually surrendered.

Ukrainian police said the house was packed with radio-controlled explosives.

The alleged attacker confessed to castrating his father, telling interrogators he was “very happy about it”.

He was asked: “You cut off his genitals?”

The man responded: "I chopped it off, but he did not calm down.

“Then I grabbed the handcuffs and put them on him, because I could not hold him, and he still did not calm down. He had more force than I expected.”

He was then questioned: “So you cut off his nose, lips and genitals?”

He answered: “Yes, and very happy about it.”

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The reason for the conflict between the son – who seemingly has a military background – and the dad was not immediately clear.

Police also seized a night vision device, a knife, balaclava, weapons, ammunition, and a detonator.

The suspect has been charged with intentional grievous bodily harm and endangering the life of police officers, crimes which can lead to life imprisonment, say reports.

The dad was taken to hospital, but no details have yet been given of his condition.

Earlier this month, a man accused of killing his dad and lodger in southern Ukraine allegedly claimed the murder was a "ritual".

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Dmitry Ponomarenko from Odessa is accused ofstabbing his 53-year-old dad multiple timesafter an argument broke out between the two men at an apartment.

A Kiev districtcourtwas told that Ponomarenko cut off his father's head and ripped open his stomach, before turning the knife on a 32-year-old neighbour who rented a room from the family.

The prosecutor in court claims that Ponomarenko, who reportedly has a wife and small child, went out into the street with his father's head and intestines around his neck.

Before the court session, Ponomarenko supposedly told reporters that the murder was "a ritual in which I convinced myself that I was all around, and that everyone was watching me and I was watching everyone."

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