Assassin kills ‘TikTok Narco Queen’, 24, in broad daylight on her way to salon

A 'TikTok Narco Queen' was gunned down in the middle of the street in broad daylight as she made her way to a nail salon after being freed from prison.

Sabrina Durán, cultivated a 'bad girl' image on social media as she plugged beauty brands and danced to reggaeton, mostly on her TikTok, where she was followed by 355,000 users who left millions of likes on her videos.

Chilean media reported that the 24-year-old had gained recognition in the world of crime by stealing cars and in the drug business. She led a small band of family branches, with her brothers as the main enforcers, Elperiodico reported.

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The young woman was killed as shot eight were fired at her by a masked man in the Padre Hurtado commune, on the outskirts of Santiago, Chile, on Tuesday morning (October 24).

Two men intercepted her on a public road and took her car, which was later found on fire. Chilling video taken by a bystander shows the young woman try to get to her feet as she lays on the road, before multiple shots are fired at her and a man uses her car to escape.

"It was in cold blood, at nine in the morning. She died instantly," police said in a statement.

The mother-of-one was arrested in 2022 on charges that she was the leader of a local drug gang. She had been sentenced to three years for drug trafficking but was serving the last part of her stint on supervised release, reports said.

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Durán was reportedly counting the days until she would be reunited with her girlfriend, whom she had met in prison.

On Monday, she uploaded a video reviewing items she was sent by DCM cosmetic, whose owner Chanel Morales told LUN newspaper: "I looked to her because she has many followers.

"She attracted a lot of attention on TikTok because she was the Narco Queen, a bad girl, but her appearance and voice demonstrated the opposite.

"She was very sweet. She liked to support virtual small and medium companies."

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