Astrid Wett pies rival Elle Brooke by announcing she’s going to fight AJ Bunker

OnlyFans star Astrid Wett has announced her imminent return to the boxing ring – and it's happening before her biggest rival Elle Brooke does.

Astrid and Elle have been trading blows for nearly a year, but a fight – previously cancelled – has yet to happen.

And while fans are being kept waiting for an official announcement for Elle's next fight, although it is believed to be in the Spring, it seems that Astrid has jumped in front and announced her next bout… against the person Elle beat in her first fight.

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Chelsea fan Astrid will take to the ring on March 4 to battle former Love Island favourite AJ Bunker at the Telford International Centre in Telford.

And the bout, which will be live on DAZN, will have championship gold on the line.

The pair will fight for the Misfits Flyweight Championship and is the only women's bout on the card, which will be headlined by Jay Swingler vs Nichlmao (no… we've also got no idea).

If, as expected, Astrid wins, it could set up that tasty clash between her and Elle with gold on the line.

Elle addressed her in-ring future on Instagram yesterday (February 5).

She said: “In the Spring – I'm back in training now so I can't wait to be bigger, better and improved . . . because the jump from my first fight to my second fight was absolutely crazy.

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“So this time, imagine what I can do and where I can be.”

And Astrid has actually welcomed the idea of battling Elle.

“I think if the fans want to see it and it was on a decent card and the company can make it happen, then sure,” Astrid told the Daily Star last month.

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“As long as it's at my weight and it's on a decent card, then absolutely I'd fight anybody," the OnlyFans star, who is without an opponent for her next fight, continued.

“The whole reason why we didn't fight wasn't down to her, it was the company.

“I'm more than happy to fight anybody as long as they're at my weight and it's on a decent card.”

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