At least 9 arrested at Brooklyn protest over officer accused of pulling gun at rally

At least nine people were arrested late Saturday at a protest in Brooklyn over an NYPD officer accused of pulling out his gun during an earlier Black Lives Matter rally.

A large group first gathered outside the Barclays Center, where videos online show NYPD officers immediately warning via loudspeaker that those blocking the roadway would be arrested.

A line of officers — many on bicycles — kept the protesters on sidewalks as they marched to the NYPD’s 84th Precinct, where the officer they were calling on to be fired is allegedly stationed.

Videos show crowds growing increasingly hostile as officers make arrests, with someone repeatedly screaming, “How many officers does it take?”

The protest was sparked by a video Tuesday showing a maskless officer appearing to temporarily unholster his service weapon during a protest, holding it close to his body and pointing down. He soon re-secured the gun in his holster as the crowd repeatedly screamed abuse at him, calling him a “p—y!,” videos show.

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