Bar with £18 pints only want cool and trendy punters at their ‘bougie’ boozer

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    A pub in Leeds has started selling pints for £18 to attract a ‘young, trendy and cool’ drinker demographic.

    Visitors to Friends of Ham in New Station Street can try unusual beers for a hefty price tag, including the Knight Moves Churro Biscuit Pastry Imperial Stout from Poland.

    The justification for these prices is that Friends of Ham is providing luxury goods beyond the usual pub offering.

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    Assistant Manager Andy McLaughlin told LeedsLive: “We like to think we put a lot of thought into our menu, both in food and drink. We have some of the finest beers that the country can produce and in fact Europe and the world at times.”

    Although Andy admitted that the £18 pint hadn’t been bought very often, with only a few willing to pay the price tag.

    Andy said: “One was a stag do and the other was a man just having a tough day!” The stout, like most of their beers, is generally sold in thirds of a pint at £6. The bar even offers a selection of tasters, where you can get three different types of beers on a tray for £18.

    Friends of Ham opened in 2012 and since then has been trying to attract drinkers beyond the usual punter profile.

    “We get a lot of couples in,” said Andy. “We’re a cosy bar, a good date spot.”

    The pub has also attempted to remove the ‘wrestling match’ of trying to get a drink by binning standing areas in favour of seating for a calmer vibe.

    Andy claims that drink sales have not been impacted by the living cost crisis, although spending on its food such as charcuterie boards has decreased.

    Friends of Ham also offers cheaper options for those unwilling to pay the £18 price tag amid the living cost crisis.

    Kirkstall Pale Ale comes in £4 a pint while the pub’s own house pale is priced at £5.50.

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