BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns heavy snow and wall of rain threaten UK with more floods

BBC Weather: Kirkwood warns of potential disruption due to snow

BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood warned that a new band of rain is set to cover the UK. This wall of rain is set to hit overnight from the west and move across the UK slowly. The weather front will bring some heavy snowfall as well and could exacerbate the flooding situation in the midlands in addition to the heavy rainfall.

Ms Kirkwood said: “There will be a lot of cloud and snow showers this morning across parts of the highlands.

“There will be some rain moving across parts of southern England into the southeast

“That will clear but later on there is this next arm of rain coming in from the southwest.”

The BBC Weather forecaster noted that temperatures in the south of the UK will be relatively warm and reach double figures in some spots.

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In Scotland, temperatures will reach a high of six degrees ahead of the wall of rain striking.

Ms Kirkwood continued: “Through this evening and overnight there will be a band of rain and an increase in hill snow moving northwards and eastwards.

“This will be hill snow across the Pennines and also the southern uplands

“It will be a cold night with some frost across parts of Scotland and temperatures could fall as low as minus four in some areas.

UK weather: Met Office issue warning for further snow

“Through the course of tomorrow we still have this rain and it is not moving anywhere too quickly.

“It could exacerbate the flooding situation as well, it is not moving anywhere quickly and there will be a fair bit of snow.

“This will be across the Pennines, southern uplands and across parts of the highlands and Grampians.”

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Into Friday, the wet weather should clear from most of England and Wales and begin to push out from Scotland.

Temperatures are set for a massive increase in the south of the UK following this rain.

Ms Kirkwood said: “Temperature-wise we will have some brighter skies across southern England and Wales.

“Here it is going to be mild with highs up to 14 degrees, at this stage in January that is pretty good.”

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