BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of 10cm of snow this Christmas

BBC Weather forecasts low temperatures with snow in Scotland

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Meteorologist Carol Kirkwood updated BBC Breakfast about the weather over Christmas in the UK. Ms Kirkwood told Brits to brace themselves for spots of rain in certain parts of the country and to expect snowfall in others. Ms Kirkwood teased of a white Christmas and told Brits to prepare for ‘as much as 10cm of snow in places “across Scotland” as she predicted that is “where we’ll see some snowfall”. The Met Office has given a yellow warning for ice today for Scotland where most of the snowfall is expected, this will likely also hit certain parts of the UK as temperatures drop in certain regions.

Ms Kirkwood said: “As it was yesterday when we had minus ten in parts of Aberdeenshire,

“We have got this rain moving steadily Northwards and Eastwards as it bumps into the cold air in Scotland, we’ll see some snow in the hills.

“But later on in the day, behind it, you can see how it brightens up in South-West England, Wales and also Northern Irelands.

“Whereas the Sotuh-East having lighter rain, will be left with a legacy of cloud.

Ms Kirkwood added: “Now Naga mentioned the temperatures and quite rightly so.

“Look at this, nine to thirteen degrees across much of Northern Ireland, England and also Wales.

“As we push further North we’re looking at fives and sixes, the average roughly this time of year is six in the North to about eight in the South.

“So we are more or less on average in some parts of Scotland, but way above average for the rest of the country.

Christmas weather: Met Office forecasts cold temperatures for UK

Ms Kirkwood added: “Now through this evening and overnight the rain continues to push Northwards.

“More or less stalling across Scotland, where we’ll see some snowfall, mostly above 300m but we could have as much as 10cm of snow.

“And at lower levels, we can see a little bit of that falling as well, quite a lot of cloud around tonight.

“And murky conditions, some mist and some fog patches forming and temperatures lower in the North than in the South, again not a particularly cold start to the day.”


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The heaviest of the snow is expected to start falling from as early as Monday due to Storm Carrie, which is the latest storm in the past few weeks to sweep the UK.

A Christmas “snow bomb” has been warned for the past few weeks.

Just after Christmas on the December 28 snow blizzards of up to 2cm are predicted to sweep over the North, West and South of Scotland next week.

Southhampton and parts of Wales are expected to see snow next week also.

The Met Office has even said snowfall could reach London and the southern parts of the UK on December 28th.

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