Bees kill man and injure four others in attack after funeral in India

Bees kill man and injure four others when swarm attacks funeral in India

  • Swarm of honey bees killed man and left four injured in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh 
  • Bondar Singh was part of group passing through Kherwa village after funeral

A swarm of bees killed a man and left four others injured during a funeral procession in India.

Victim Bondar Singh was part of a group of mourners following a funeral procession through Kherwa village in the state of Madhya Pradesh when he was fatally attacked bombarded by the honey bees.

The enraged colony of bees pursued the crowd, sparking chaos with dozens of people attempting to flee the scene.

The four other mourners left seriously injured were rushed to a nearby hospital in Barwani, where they received urgent medical attention.

The irate colony of bees pursued the crowd, leading to dozens of people attempting to flee the scene in a shocking turn of events. Pictured: Bees cluster on honeycombs at a beehive (File image)

The district’s Bag police station in-charge, Kailash Chouhan, confirmed the death of Mr Singh following the incident.

According to a survivor of the attack, the mood among the mourners was solemn after the group had just performed funeral rites in the sacred Muktidham.

This attack comes after a Texas landscaping lighting technician and grandfather was killed by a swarm of bees last year.

Franco Galvan Martinez, 53, was suspended by a harness as he worked in a tree in a backyard in Austin when the horror unfolded.

A witness said two men who working with Galvan Martinez attempted to rescue him but they were also attacked by the bees. 

According to the CDC, there are an average of 62 deaths in the US every year from bee, wasp and hornet stings. The agency notes that 80 percent of victims are male. 

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