Bizarre moment semi-naked criminal found hiding inside wall during police raid

A crook was found hiding inside a secret hole in the wall during a police raid, as shown in this bizarre body camera footage.

In the clip, uploaded on Twitter by Greater Manchester Police today (January 19) police are standing in a bathroom in Merseyside facing an ordinary-looking wall, Liverpool ECHO reports.

One officer then uses a knife to open a small cubby hole door on the wall, revealing a secret but very cramped hideaway.

Bizarrely, a man's head emerges, followed by his naked chest.

The man then climbs out of the small hole wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts and police have to give him a helping hand as he makes his way out of the tiny space.

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Police said the man was arrested on suspicion of two domestic violence offences, a driving offence and on recall to prison.

Accompanying the footage, Greater Manchester Police tweeted: "Some people go to extreme lengths to evade police but this wanted man was today found hiding in a wall at an address in #Merseyside by our #Wigan District Tasking Team.

"It's fair to say we'll quite literally go through walls to catch those that we're after!"

This comes after police found a man hiding inside an old mattress after responding to reports of antisocial behaviour.

The "neighbour from hell" was found lying inside the ruined bedding in a bid to hide from cops.

Another bloke hiding from police in a separate incident gave himself away with a loud fart while cowering in some bushes.

One of the pursuing officers said: "I was almost out of wind running but luckily [the suspect] still had some."

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