Bloke sacked by Ukraine for corruption could be new ambassador to UK

One of Russian President Vladimir Putin's mouthpieces has poked fun at the UK, claiming the bloke sacked by Ukraine for corruption is going to be appointed the new ambassador to the country.

Oleksii Reznikov was sacked last week by Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Resnikov’s removal came after a scandal around the Ministry of Defense’s procurement of military jackets.

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In August, Ukrainian-based investigative journalists reported that the materials were purchased at a price three times higher than normal and that instead of winter jackets, summer ones were ordered. In the customs documents from the supplier, the jackets were priced at around £20 per unit, but the Ministry of Defense paid around £80 per unit.

Reznikov denied the allegations during a news conference last week, but was sacked from the position anyway.

Rumours had been swirling that he is going to be appointed the Ambassador to the UK, after Vadym Prystaiko was sacked for claiming Zelensky's promise to thank the UK for its support “every morning” was just “unhealthy sarcasm”.

Krmemlin-loving Vladimir Kornilov, political commentator for the Rossiya Segodnya media group which just so happens to be owned by the Kremlin, took to Telegam to poke fun at the situation.

He said: “The British media happily picked up the narrative that Alexey Reznikov was fired from the post of Ukrainian Defense Minister for corruption.

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“It will be interesting to see their reaction if Zelensky actually appoints Reznikov as ambassador to Britain.”

His post was finished off with a crying laughing emoji, and was seen by more than 373k subscribers on the group.

The vast majority of his posts poke fun at Western media, while urging everyone to “follow” other Kremlin-backed news outlets instead of traditional news sites.

No official update has been made on who will replace Prystaiko as the new ambassador, and the role has now been vacant for more than six weeks.

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