Bloke smuggles bottles of vodka into music festivals inside tortilla wraps

A savvy student wrapped bottles of vodka in tortilla wraps to smuggle them into music festivals in a bid to save money on booze.

Pole Tytus Chmielewski, 20, hatched the plan to steer clear of over-inflated booze prices at Opener festival in his homeland, with security thinking the dupe was his lunch.

Tytus, who snuck in another bottle in his shoe, reckons his hack saved him £100 as he did it over the full four days and the average price of a drink was £6.70, while he bought his bottles for just £1.

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The crafty music-lover, from the city of Gdańsk, said: “I am a student and I don’t have much money.

“Every student wants to drink alcohol at that amazing festival, but not everyone has a money for that.

“It’s a four-day festival, and if you want be a little drunk every day, you would have to spend a fortune.

“You can bring food to the festival, so my girlfriend, Wiktoria, 18, and I thought about using it somehow and smuggling alcohol there.

“It was impossible to detect it. Who would expect that there will be vodka in the tortilla?

“We did that every day. I also brought alcohol in my shoes, which allowed us to save a lot of money. During the entire festival we spared about £100.

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“For two young students that is so much money.”

The festival costs £184 for a ticket and acts this year included Lizzo, Kendrick Lamar and Arctic Monkeys.

It's not the first time revellers have come up with clever ways to smuggle a cheap tipple into a music venue – in 2016 Canadian Stephanie Batt concealed a bottle of vodka in her hair when she attended Glastonbury.

And in March this year, Alexandria Funnell was dubbed 'a Christ-like figure' after she managed to sneak a whole bottle of wine into a music festival using a hollowed-out loaf of sourdough bread.

Funnell, 34, from Melbourne, Australia, went to see the band Bon Iver at Sidney Myer Music Bowl earlier this month with her friend, Lauren, 34.

She decided she didn't want to spend the night queuing for drinks at the bar, so the TV producer bought a $1.75 (95p) loaf of bread and hollowed it out to hide a $15 (£8.13) bottle of cabernet sauvignon inside.

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