Bloke tries downing 15 Boxing Day pints – gets so drunk he can’t pour the last

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For most people, Boxing Day is a time to relax after Christmas, polish up any leftovers and maybe have a few beers.

But for comedian Rob Copland, those few beers turned into a whopping 15 Boddingtons as he set himself a boozy festive challenge on Twitter.

Taking to the social media site, the stand-up made a thread dedicated to the alcohol-fuelled marathon and invited his followers to join him on the drunken journey.

Rob explained that he was hoping to beat last year’s personal best of 12, and cracked open his first can at 2:25pm, reports Lad Bible.

An impressive 10 minutes later, he posted a picture of his second bitter and wrote: "Straight on to number 2 anything is possible at this stage. Not sure I can keep up this pace. I have until midnight."

When he moved onto his third beer he felt ‘unstoppable’ – but reluctantly had to eat some pudding when his family told him the challenge wouldn’t count unless he had a normal day alongside it.

A few more bitters in, an emotional Rob expressed his appreciation for the festive day and wrote: "Everyone's mental on Xmas day, everything has to be perfect, everyone's a bit tense…

“Boxing day is where its at… It's just football and Boddingtons…."

Successful in matching his previous record of 12 cans, a drunken Rob made an odd comparison to watching Austin Powers in the cinema and exclaimed: “Well now I'm 12 bods deep! GET IN MA BELLY!"

Seven hours after starting the challenge, Rob asked for some ‘genuine words of enouragement’ and admitted to ‘feeling really p****d now’.

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But by 10pm, Rob was successful in his challenge – despite his dad, Alan, being forced to pour the final pint for him.

To mark the triumph, his brother filmed the final pour and Rob gave a humble acceptance speech.

Despite the achievement, the comedian wasn’t feeling so great in the morning and simply tweeted: "Oh boy… Best hangover cures anyone??"

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