Bloke who drank 2,000 pints in 200 days promises ‘I’ll prove I’m not alcoholic’

A beer-loving Brit has cemented his legacy after successfully necking 2,000 pints in just 200 days, finishing the final tipple just last night (October 20).

Jon May marked the occasion with a trip to Market Tavern in Atherstone, Warwickshire, where his costly booze binge came to a close.

Pint-master Jon, from Guildford, was spotted enjoying another full pint just a day after completing the impressive 2,000, watching the cricket in his local. He maintains he can prove he is "not alcoholic" and in fact just a man who loves a bevvy or two (thousand).

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Detailing how he has stayed somewhat sober through the challenge, he told the Daily Star: "I do quite a lot of volunteering at my church and that's about three-quarters of a mile away, so I walk to my church. Then I get back, so it's about one-and-a-half miles, four days a week, which is why I've only put on a stone.

"I did start to put on a little more, but then I realised if I can just do a little more exercise, it'll be alright. Your tolerance starts to grow. I probably need about 15 pints to get drunk."

Jon, who stayed up "ridiculously late" and drank through the night, sometimes ending his sessions at 6am, managed his massive pints haul around his full-time job. He spent £8,100 in total.

"I'm going to go a week [without booze] just to prove people wrong," Jon said of his plans now. He reckons there's "not a chance" of having withdrawal symptoms.

That will have to start on Sunday though. Taking to TikTok and brushing aside the 19 pints he enjoyed yesterday, Jon started his morning today with a "good old pint".

He said in the video: "Still not an alcoholic, though. I refute these claims. Why a pub is open at 10.43am in the morning, I don't know, but we're watching the cricket, we're having some pints."

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