‘Bomb Britain’ orders nutty pro-Putin pundit as he brands UK ‘root of all evil’

A Russian propagandist told Vladimir Putin to launch a major bomb attack against the UK as it is the "root of all evil".

On the latest episode of Al Jazeera's The Listening Post, a clip from Russia's main news channel shows one pro-Kremlin pundit calling for the UK to be attacked over its support for Ukraine.

The man says: "Why would we need to bomb Ukraine or Germany? There's Great Britain, the root of all evil."

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Mikhail Fishman, an anchor on independent Russian news channel Dozhd TV, told the documentary about how state TV in Russia is used by Putin to send warnings to the West.

He said: "Russian media does a lot of sabre-rattling. Nuclear sabre-rattling at the moment. That's a controlled narrative effort being built inside the Kremlin.

"It's Putin trying to send the message to the West that he will not back off, that this is not a bluff."

This wasn't the first time Russian state TV has broadcast threats against the UK. In August, a host said that Britain is the "right size" for an attack.

Anchor Olga Skabeyeva added: “Britain's defence secretary, the famous Ben Wallace, who was not against nuclear weapons for Kyiv, said – and it matters – that all targets in Crimea for a Ukrainian strike could be considered legitimate.

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“What’s more, Britain will hand over three more 270 MLRS to Ukraine, in addition to the three already supplied, plus a significant amount of ammunition…

"We conclude that Britain wants to openly go to war with Russia. Good luck!

“But first, I would advise you to sort out, or try to sort out, your own economy."


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