Boy, 12, gives away his Happy Meal to family without car at McDonald's drive-thru after restaurant refused to serve them

A KIND-hearted boy gave away his Happy Meal to a family without a car after a McDonald's drive-thru refused to serve them.

Sheree Claire's 12-year-old son Niall gifted his food tot he upset boy after seeing what happened.

The mother-of-four, an NHS pharmacist, was a McDonald's in Leeds, West Yorks., with her mum and Niall when she saw the family get refused.

Sheree offered to buy the food for them but claims staff said she wasn’t allowed to purchase the grub for the pair due to new Covid rules.

But Niall, who recently sold his PlayStation so he’d have more money to buy his little sister a Christmas present, said the little boy could have his Happy Meal.

His good deed went viral on social media, garnering more than 8,000 likes, after Sheree posted about what happened.

Sheree, 39, said: “Obviously I’m proud of him because he didn’t have to do that and he has given up his meal for somebody else.

“And he knew that he wouldn’t get a meal – it’s not like he goes to McDonald’s often because I don’t have a car.

“He is a good boy.”

She added: “Niall wants to be a YouTuber, but at Christmas he sold his PlayStation and brought his sister, three, two presents so he is kind.”

Niall’s act of kindness went viral after Sheree tweeted: “A guy tried to take his son for a happy meal today but didn’t have a car.

“They refused to serve him as he didn’t have a car – he was still polite.

“We offered to get his son a happy meal – McDonald’s refused to serve us.

“So my son went over & gave his meal to the boy.”

Shereen says her mum, who handed over Niall's meal to the boy, was wearing a mask so it was just as safe as getting a McDonald’s delivered via courier.

McDonald’s replied saying: “We can't serve customers on foot for safety, on this occasion we offered to assist the customer at the front of the restaurant away from the Drive-through queue.

“We understand this wasn't communicated to you properly so apologise for any confusion caused.”

Another spokesperson said: "For the health and safety of our people and our customers, we are unable to serve customers on foot in our Drive-Thru lanes.

"On this occasion, our team asked the customer to go to the restaurant entrance so they could safely assist them, but unfortunately the customer left."

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