Boy throws tantrum when he discovers he's getting another brother

I want a girl! Five-year-old boy throws a spectacular tantrum when he discovers he’s getting another brother at family’s gender reveal

  • Five-year-old Lucas stands next to his siblings for the family’s gender reveal
  • Sister Lacey pops the balloon and blue confetti is released onto the floor 
  • The boy tells parents Carley Hutchinson and Liam Moody he ‘wants a girl’ 

This is the comical moment a little boy stormed off after discovering he was getting a baby brother and not the little sister he had been longing for.

Parents Carley Hutchinson, 33, and Liam Moody, 32, from Leeds, West Yorkshire, were at home with their children Lucas, Mason and Lacey when they decided to reveal the gender of their fourth child – who is due next year.

Footage shows daughter Lacey pop a gender reveal balloon before blue confetti is released onto the floor – confirming the couple are having a boy.

But the couple’s five-year-old son Lucas is furious with the news and throws a spectacular tantrum, telling his parents: ‘I want a girl!’

Parents Carley Hutchinson, 33, and Liam Moody, 32, , from Leeds, West Yorkshire, watch as daughter Lacey pops a gender reveal balloon with her brothers Lucas and Mason

Five-year-old son Lucas is furious with the prospect of another brother and screams

During the clip, Lucas, Mason and Lacey stand next to each other as Ms Hutchinson asks each child if they want a boy or girl.

After a short countdown, Lacey pops the large balloon she is holding and blue confetti is released as Mason, who had hoped for a boy, leaps into the air for joy.

However Lucas is far from pleased and rushes to sit on the sofa, shouting: ‘I want a girl! No! I want a girl!’ 

The young boy begins to cry as his mother tries to console him and says: ‘It’s a boy, you’ve got another brother to play with.’

But the furious child screams at the prospect of another brother and runs out of the room shouting: ‘No I want a girl!’ 

The couple have said their baby boy is due on April 3 next year. 

The young boy rushes to the sofa in anger after the gender reveal balloon releases blue confetti

The young boy is consoled as he begins to cry and tells his parents:  ‘I want a girl!’

The five-year-old is far from pleased with the news of another brother and storms out of the room

Last year, mother Anastasia Shields, from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, watched in horror as her son Harvey-Jay Shields, burst into tears during her gender reveal.   

The schoolboy and his older sister Lilly Shields were taking turns to pop black balloons on a board when one of the popped balloons released a small pink ball of confetti onto the kitchen floor, confirming that a little girl was on the way.

As the young boy was consoled by his father he shouted: ‘My life is run by girls’.

In 2018, Destin Torres, from Naples, Florida, burst into tears when he found out his parents Brittany and Freddie Torres were having another girl, as he was desperately hoping for a little brother.     

Already outnumbered with two sisters, the youngster was devastated, despite the news being delivered in the form of delicious cupcakes with pink icing in the middle. 

Mother Brittany said: ‘We decided to save his reaction as we had an idea that he would be a bit upset but we didn’t think it would be like that.

‘He was really hoping for a boy, he had been saying “I hope it’s a brother”.

‘I didn’t expect him to burst into tears, I just thought he would brush it off.’

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