Brit AEW star Saraya claims she was fined for ‘stinky t**ts’ insult on live TV

Top British wrestler and All Elite Wrestling star Saraya has allegedly been fined by AEW management – and it happened because she used a very British insult on live television.

Saraya, known to some as Paige during her time in WWE, was in the ring for a segment on AEW's flagship show Dynamite overnight (March 15).

She was there with fellow team mates Toni Storm and Ruby Soho.

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And during the segment, where the trio vented their anger at the state of the company's women's division, Saraya went on a slightly explicit rant.

Addressing the angry audience, she said: “You guys should be kissing the ground we walk on.

“Without us there wouldn't be a division.

“You can boo all you want but you are lucky we are here – I'm a miracle.

“I don't expect anything less from a bunch of neck-bearded stinky t**ts.”

She then gave the microphone to Storm, who bluntly called the crowd “fat people”.

But it was Norwich-born Saraya's comments that cause outrage.

Recently, it had been rumoured that Warner Brothers Discovery – the owners of the United States' TV network that AEW Dynamite is shown on – had told the boss Tony Khan to make sure language was toned down.

And it now appears that Saraya has fallen foul of the new internal rules.

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She took to Twitter hours after the rant, tweeting: “I indeed got fined for saying T**t on live TV.

“They were not happy – I loved it.

“Worth the fine.”

Despite the fine, fans loved it and came out in support for her.

One fan, @SarahManiaXCV, slammed those who attack Saraya, who recently returned to the ring from retirement due to a serious neck injury.

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She wrote: “I love it because @Saraya gets to walk down to that ring and say exactly what she thinks to the scum that are rooting for her to fail, and then all the trolls emerge from under their bridges to b***h because she's standing up for herself.

“You're only embarrassing yourselves.

“She came back from a career ending neck injury, commend her for that if nothing else.

“You're literally feeding the monster you say she is, because the more you try to tear her down, the less f***s she gives – decent human beings don't want to see others fail.”

AEW is set to come to the UK at some point in 2023 for a major show, with should see Saraya given a huge homecoming from the British crowd.

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