Brit running length of Africa bites back after being called ‘ginger fraud’

A bloke who is running the entire length of Africa has bitten back after being called a "ginger fraud".

Self-proclaimed 'hardest geezer', Russ Cook embarked on an epic mission to run the length of the continent earlier this year. Dubbed Project Africa it has seen the Brit, from West Sussex, attempt to become the first ever person to accomplish the great feat. But a naysayer has been out to get him this week as they claimed he was "in fact fraudulent".

Not having any of it, Russ bit back calling the critic a "big numpty". He said the man was "chatting mash potato" and pointed out his mission is documented on the Strava app.

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X user Esteban Curranté took a swipe at the charity fundraiser, calling him a "ginger fraud" and accusing him of faking his Africa adventure. He wrote on the platform: "He's not one of my cases, but I have it on good authority from a couple of colleagues that he is in fact fraudulent."

Esteban wasn't impressed someone had tagged Russ Cook in one of his posts on the platform, formerly Twitter. "Don't ever tag that ginger fraud on one of my posts again," he said.

Russ Cook, also known as @hardestgeezer, replied: "Chatting absolute mash potato you lad," he wrote. "Every single metre is logged on Strava, never mind the 1000s of witnesses and endless hours of footage. Riddle me that ya big numpty."

Coming out to support Russ was Liam Hayne who said: "Dude reckons he works for MI6 because he's got three colleagues who said 'doubt that's real mate' when asked about your mission."

"One hell of a green screen," said another user. One posted: "Seems like it would be way harder to fake what you're doing than to actually do it."

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