Brit school evacuated following a ‘bomb threat’ with ‘cops rushing to scene’

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    Schoolkids have been evacuated from classes today (March 30) in response to a "security threat".

    Initial claims from parents at Penair School in Cornwall claim it is in relation to a suspected "bomb threat".

    CornwallLive reports that parents have been in contact claiming police are now on the scene.

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    Children were initially removed to the school's astroturf away from buildings.

    No one is thought to have been hurt at the time of writing and everyone is believed to be accounted for.

    The school has released a statement confirming kids are being sent home.

    The message reads: "We received a anonymous phone call this morning threatening the security of the school and as a result evacuated all of the children and staff to the astroturf and are all safe and well.

    "However we have decided to implement our snow closure procedures and will be sending all of the children home."

    A statement from Devon and Cornwall Police made to the Daily Star said: "Police are aware of a decision by Penair School in Truro to evacuate and send children home.

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    "This is a decision made by the school and not by the police.

    "The school have requested that officers attend to aid with searches of the building, which we will assist with."

    Nearby primary school Tregolls Academy has now also been put into "lockdown" reports have claimed.

    One mum with a child at the primary told CornwallLive: "Tregolls Academy has gone into lockdown as well as a precaution.

    "my kids go there and we got a brief message to say kids are being kept inside but they don't know why, just an incident at Penair. But I had to find out via [CornwallLive] post the actual reason."


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