Brit schoolgirl savagely beaten in ‘racist’ pack attack as teachers ‘allowed it’

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    Horrifying footage shows the moment a schoolgirl was allegedly beaten by a group of other girls near her school in what is believed to be a 'racist attack' as the family callS for some teachers to be sacked.

    The shocking clip shows a violent mob brutally assaulting their victim in the middle of the street, near Thomas Knyvett College in Ashford, Surrey, on Monday afternoon (February 6).

    On-lookers were heard cheering, egging the attackers on as they were heard saying "get her" and "down her".

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    One of the victims, 15, was seen being dragged across the pavement by her braids while being kicked and punched by her attackers.

    She allegedly lost 9 braids from her head during the ordeal and was treated in hospital alongside another 15-year-old victim.

    Police have described the incident as a racially motivated attack after arresting five people in connection, including two 11-year-old girls, a 16-year-old girl, a woman, 39, and a man, 43.

    A sixth suspect, aged 15, is being urged to hand herself in.

    The family of one of the victims is now urging for members of staff at the nearby college to be sacked for allegedly 'doing nothing to stop it.'

    The incident also sparked a protest outside the school.

    Speaking to the Mirror, they said: "She’s 15. She's in her last year of school here and she was actually helping her friend.

    "No one from the school brought her back to us. We had to go to her and get her home. They let her go to a friend's house and then from her friend's house she used her friend's phone to call us.

    "She said 'nobody helped me, they were laughing at me. One of the teachers laughed at me with my braids on the floor'.

    "She had nine braids pulled from her head from the roots and when we look, you can see the dots where they came off the scalp.

    "I was thinking 'who's coming who's going to stop it?' Seeing her head pulled in all directions, all of the cars stopping, I was thinking 'who’s jumping out of that car?'

    "I want them to get rid of those teachers (allegedly in the video) I want them to present us with their anti-racism policy."

    In a statement shared on Twitter, the school's headteacher, Richard Beeson, said: "We can assure you that we are taking all necessary steps to ensure this isolated incident is dealt with and that student safety is our paramount concern."

    Inspector Maxine Cilia, Borough Commander for Spelthorne, said, “The video footage of this incident is shocking, and we appreciate the concern it will have caused the wider community.

    "Every school child should feel safe as they move through the local community, and we will not tolerate this level of violence. We are providing specialist support to the victim who has now returned home after being treated for the injuries she sustained in this distressing assault.

    “Officers are working hard to gather as much evidence as possible to build a strong case.

    “Parents, pupils, and the wider public will notice extra police patrols in the area around Thomas Knyvett College today.

    "The officers are there to engage with and reassure the community, and we encourage you to approach them if you have any concerns or questions and they will help you in any way they can.”


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