Brit told they ‘might die’ if they undergo surgery to allow gender reassignment

A morbidly obese 24-year-old has been told they must lose weight in order to survive gender reassignment surgery after they ballooned to 41 stone.

AJ, who identifies as non-binary and uses the they/their pronouns, has been trapped inside their home for six years and spends 19 hours a day on a mattress in the living room eating 5,000 calories.

They're showered by their mum, who cooks and cleans for them, and lives in fear they will stop breathing during the night, the Daily Record reports.

Channel 4 has documented AJ's plight in Shut-Ins: Britain’s Fattest People and doctors have predicted AJ could die within five or 10 years if they carry on eating the way they are.

Aj admits they rely on two dogs for company because "animals don't judge" and said they have faced cruel taunts from bullies on the streets.

Mum Sharon said: "My role at the moment is mother to a giant baby. It breaks your heart to see your child like this, it really does.

"I know a lot of people would say you're a mother it's your fault. Hands up yeah totally agree with you, partly it is my fault.

"The doctors are saying AJ is not going to be here in five or 10 years time the way you're going on. That's really frightening."

The 24-year-old now wants to undergo gender re-assignment surgery but their dream has been crushed by medics who say it is dangerous.

AJ, who lives in Airdrie, Scotland, said: "My body doesn't reflect who I am because I still have the female attire. What I want now is a mastectomy and a hysterectomy. I want to be me, just me."

Bariatric surgeon Professor David Kerrigan said: "This operation could kill AJ if it went badly wrong. It's a small risk. If AJ was my child I'd be thinking do I want them to go through that risk when it could be a waste of time anyway because of things that I'm doing."

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He added: "I think AJ is up for this. Mum…. I'm less sure of."

Sharon confessed that the problem has been swept aside for so long that they didn't "notice things" until they stepped back and realised medics are right.

AJ is now doing their best to make a the huge lifestyle change, and has replaced fry ups and fatty snacks with vegetables and exercise.

The mum even refused to get a lift home from their appointment, and instead made the journey with AJ by foot.

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