Brit tourist rescued from Afghanistan had ‘tea with Taliban’ before kidnapping

A British tourist who loves going to bizarre and dangerous places for fun had tea with the Taliban just before being taken hostage by them.

It is two years to the day since Kabul, Afghanistan, fell to the Taliban when Western troops left the country.

But someone who has been back many times since is Miles Routledge.

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The 25-year-old physics student at Loughborough University made the headlines during the fall of the country after needing to be evacuated from Afghanistan by the UN during the Taliban takeover.

However, despite being rescued he returned months later for a cuppa with the terrorists.

He crossed from Peshawar, Pakistan, over the the border to Kabul with his plans to rescue a tour guide there who helped him during the Brit's first visit.

But once there, he decided to go and have tea with the infamous group in charge after wandering into a building by accident . . . he claimed.

Writing on Twitter last year, he said: “TEA WITH THE TALIBAN! I'm in Afghanistan, walked into Taliban residency by accident and after talking they gave me food, tea and even offered for me to stay the night – they are so kind!

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“Bro no lie, you can just rock up to Afghanistan on a tourist visa.

“They'll ask you questions but just be honest and respectful.

“They'll invite you to Taliban tea!

“Kind blokes!”

According to Amnesty International, the Taliban commit war crimes by targeting civilians, including killing teachers, abducting aid workers and burning school buildings.

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They have also banned all females from going to school – but Miles continued to enjoy the company of the group.

That is, however, until he was taken hostage by them at the start of this year.

Routledge, a devout Christian, was one of three Brits captured by the Taliban, and had been heard from between the start of April and July 17 year year.

A friend of his, tweeting on his behalf, wrote: “He's treated very well, has several servants, loads of movies on his laptop, goes on picnics and has tea with the Taliban cabinet gov.

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"He still loves Afghanistan.

“He speaks like he's on holiday.

“He's sunbathing, playing TF2, writing his 2nd book, reading T.E Lawrence, exercising, has chocolates and cake etc.

“He’s made friends with the Taliban he’s with, he says he’s been invited to some weddings.”

The unknown friend added Routledge could be free "in a month or two" – but no update has been given since then, and the Taliban continues to be excommunicated from the world stage.

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