Brits are seeking out vegan alternatives for milk, skincare and even wine, study finds

BRITS are seeking out vegan alternatives for milk, skincare – and even wine, according to research.

A study of 2,000 adults found that while only 16 per cent consider themselves to be completely vegan, 45 per cent would like to try vegan products where possible.

Of those, 38 per cent are concerned about the environmental impact of using non-vegan items while 35 per cent worry about animal welfare.

As a result, many look for plant-based alternatives for skincare (41 per cent), make-up (31 per cent) and leather accessories (34 per cent).

It also emerged that one in six are more willing to try vegan skincare products than plant-based milk – with the same percentage of people claiming cows' milk negatively effects their skin.

These issues include dry skin (53 per cent), acne (49 per cent) and puffiness (46 per cent).

But almost six in 10 adults claim they don’t even know that vegan skincare exists, with the price (51 per cent), natural ingredients (37 per cent) and whether it is cruelty free (36 per cent) among the top considerations when buying beauty products.

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Of those who do look for vegan skincare products, 64 per cent do so as it’s good for the planet while 68 per cent prefer that animals aren’t usually harmed during the production.

Nora Zukauskaite, spokesperson for vegan skincare brand Skin Proud [], which commissioned the study to mark its Cowfunding campaign this Veganuary, said: “The study shows how vegan alternatives, are on the rise, but there are still some who are hesitant to make the change.

“It’s sad to see so little people know how dairy cows fare when it comes to farming.

"It can be both emotional and physically harmful to the animals as well as have a devastating impact on the environment.

“At Skin Proud, we want to encourage people to incorporate more alternatives into their daily lives from clothes to skincare through simple and easy changes, and help with our simple and affordable vegan skincare products.

“Interestingly, women are more likely to try alternatives to men, but this is still a good start in the right direction.

“Our hope in 2022, is that vegan options should become the first and only consumer choice for skincare and beauty products to help with animal and environmental impacts."

The study also found one in five adults would be willing to switch to an alternative milk choice if they knew more about the health benefits.

But a fifth have never tried anything other than cows’ milk – because they fear that plant-based alternatives may taste ‘weird’.

And 39 per cent haven't tasted an alternative due to the price, according to the OnePoll study. 

Almost half of adults are unaware of the impact of dairy farming on cows, but of the 52 per cent who are, more than half said knowing this makes them more inclined to try dairy free milk alternatives.

Nora added: “We are committed to being vegan and cruelty free and are PETA certified.

“We are working to help save the cows in the UK and US, with our Cowfunding campaign to protect cows and their rights in the UK and US with a portion of sales from our products across Veganuary being donated to the Animal Equality charity who help reduce the suffering of animals.”

Skin Proud’s cowfunding campaign will see them donate 50 per cent of online profits across January to help reduce the suffering of animals in the UK and US.

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