Cedar Basin Fire plane crash – Two firefighters die in aircraft accident while battling Arizona wildfires

TWO firefighters died while fighting an Arizona wildfire from the skies when their plane crashed as they performed aerial reconnaissance on the blaze.

Authorities said the crash occurred around noon on Saturday as the firefighters monitored the Cedar Basin Fire from the sky.

The firefighters were acting as "eyes in the sky" for those on the ground battling the inferno, bureau spokesperson Dolores Garcia told AZ Central.

Local, state, and federal agencies are investigating the crash, but no additional details will be available until the families of the firefighters are notified, the Arizona Bureau of Land Management said in a statement.

“The Bureau of Land Management is currently working with other local, state and federal agencies to respond to a fatal aircraft accident associated with the Cedar Basin Fire near Wikieup, Arizona," the statement reads.

"The accident occurred around noon today (July 10) and involved an air attack aircraft performing aerial reconnaissance and command and control over the fire," the agency went on.

"Two crew members were on board and we are sad to report there were no survivors. We will provide additional information pending next of kin notification. Our hearts go out to the families of our brave wildland firefighters," the agency concluded.

The fire was reported on Friday evening after lightning strikes in Wikieup, Arizona.

Officials told AZ Central the blaze has burned approximately 300 acres as some 45 fire personnel work to contain the fire.

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