‘Charles Bronson is not my dad but we made a lot of money together faking it’

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    George Bamby has revealed he is not the son of infamous prisoner Charles Bronson, stating the lag is "not my father".

    Bamby, who had adopted the Salvador moniker, revealed the familial relationship between father and son was a fabrication to get publicity for Bronson, 70.

    Photographer Bamby has since said the fake family angle was to "make sure he [Bronson] was not forgotten about" ahead of his public hearing and that Bronson has a "little pot" of cash on the side.

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    The 70-year-old has spent most of his life behind bars ever since an initial prison sentence put Bronson behind bars in 1974.

    Detailing the pair's plan to conjure up some publicity for Bronson, Bamby revealed that after a meeting between the two, a father and son angle was struck.

    Bamby, in an interview with TalkTV, said: "I went to go and visit him and then I was banned from visiting him because I was a journalist.

    "Me and Charlie, together, made up the story that he was my dad. Charles Bronson is not my father. I am a PR agent. I am a marketing person.

    "I've not told anybody this for six years and it has been an absolute bane of my life. Me and Charlie for the last six years have made loads of money, had loads of fun, we've created loads of stories, we've done loads of ridiculous things."

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    Bamby, who has no relation to Bronson, admitted he had managed to get access to "four maximum security prisons".

    He added: "I got into the maximum security facility of four different prisons as a journalist and not only did I do that but I also filmed him for 12 and a half hours.

    "Yep, I made a lot of money from it, but Charlie has a little pot on side with his business consultant. Anything I have ever done, half of the money, I've had a business consultancy invoice me and I pay them.

    "Whatever they do with that money with Charlie is between them, because obviously prisoners can't make money while they're in prison."

    His relationship revelation comes after a parole board ruled that Bronson would remain in prison as they are "mindful of his persistent rule-breaking".

    The panel, in a document released today, said they were "not satisfied that Mr Salvador was suitable for release" but noted the 70-year-old "genuinely wants to progress".

    Concluding his revelation, Bamby said: "He's not my father. The results come in today, he completely and utterly respects the parole boards decision. I think they've made a justified decision.

    "We're talking about psychiatrists, parole boards, psychologists, all these people. Don't forget, the last six years I've been visiting Charlie every two weeks."

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