Chief of ‘world’s most dangerous tribe’ gives instant three-word reply to claim

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    The Mursi have been dubbed the 'most dangerous tribe in the world' but their chief had an instant three-word response when asked why.

    Living in the Lower Omo Valley in south western Ethiopia, Mursi men are armed with Kalashnikov rifles, drink blood for strength, and scar their own bodies to attract women.

    Adventurer Mike Corey, set off for the East Africa to find out for himself whether the tribe really is to be feared as dangerous.

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    In his documentary for Fearless and Far, Mike is introduced to Mursi Chief, Olu Chalare who squats with a massive rifle between his legs during conversation.

    Mike asked Olu why people told him ahead of his trip that he should be scared.

    Olu's immediate answer was to ask another question.

    "Who says this?," he said.

    Olu was keen to dispel any perceptions of the Mursi being aggressors, instead they are self-policing which he claims requires automatic weapons.

    For the Mursi Tribe, cattle is currency and defending them from harm is of utmost importance.

    "We don't cause problems," Olu insisted. "We don't harm others. Among the Mursi there are a few troublemakers. These delinquents go around the forest making trouble. Some Mursi carry guns to protect their cattle.

    "We try and fight the hunger and that's why we're growing food. We don't want our cows to be sick. Many, many cattle have died."

    Walking around the village with assault rifles is not the only demonstration of what it means to be a man in the warrior-led community.

    To source protein for their own strength and muscle, blokes use the tribe's cattle for a different purpose than simply butchering for steak and mince.

    Instead they drain safe amounts of blood from a cow, leaving behind a tiny wound to heal.

    Olu told Mike: "Our boys and men are very strong because we drink blood and milk together."

    Before trying it out for himself, the adventurer with 2.26m YouTube subscribers watched on in amazement at a Mursi man down over a litre of blood.

    "He drinks it faster than I could chug a beer," the self-proclaimed professional adventurer laughed.

    Despite the blood not tasting like iron to begin with, Mike admits the jelly-like texture has a very strong after taste.

    Cameras also picked up the men engage in a ritualistic stick fight called donga, in which they pair up for one-on-one battle.

    The aim of the game? "to beat the living s*** of each other naked" using two-metre long branches, Mike explained. "The winner gets his first pick at a wife"

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