Chilling moment aunt re-enacts how she strangled and chopped up her nephew into 25 pieces for ‘playing music too loud’

THIS is the chilling moment an aunt re-enacts how she strangled and chopped up her nephew into 25 pieces for "playing music too loudly".

Olesya Komissarova, 28, a mum-of-three, admitted to killing schoolboy Bogdan Krivko in Krasnodar, Russia.

After murdering the nine-year-old, she cut up his body with a knife into 25 pieces.

She then tried to burn the boy's remains in a furnace.

Komissarova threw other body parts into a 50-litre agricultural flask, and poured sand and bleach inside.

For the next 13 months, she topped up the mixture to avoid being discovered.

But she was caught after the stench from the iron flask became unbearable in the intense summer heat. 

“I must be punished with a full term, without any leniency,” she said in court.

However during sentencing, the "mitigating" factors of her "remorse" and her underage children led to her being jailed for 13 years, compared to the maximum 20 years. Komissarova has twins aged three, and an older child. 

Her victim's parents are relatives of her husband.

The boy was last seen in May 2019, and the killer joined searches with his mum Natalya Krivko, 32, to look for him.

“While at her house, the boy listened loudly to music which might wake the woman’s sleeping children,” a statement from the Russian Investigative Committee said.

“There was a quarrel between them, during which the attacker strangled the young boy. 

“Subsequently, she hid the traces of the crime.”


Komissarova told detectives that after strangling the boy “he rolled down from the sofa".

Using a mannequin to demonstrate, she said: “He was lying like this. He was bluish, not breathing.

“I realised he was dead. I took him under his armpits and pulled him to the bathroom.”

She dismembered the boy in the bath before disposing of his body parts in the barn.  

Komissarova said she hid his smartphone and portable speaker. 

There had been fears Bogdan had been kidnapped and he was put on Russia’s federal wanted list. 

Her detention shocked locals in Bagovskaya village, Krasnodar region.

Neighbour Irina said: “We suspected anyone, but not her. 

“When the child disappeared, she was with his parents, and helped with the searches. 

“She went to fortune-tellers with his mother and  supported her.  She even passed a lie detector test to say she was clean.”

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