Coked-up thug filmed repeatedly beating XL Bully pup’s head as it yelped in pain

A drugged-up thug was caught on camera beating an XL Bully puppy while it yelped in pain.

Tyler Steele, of Tiverton Road, Berry Hill pleaded guilty to two counts of causing unnecessary suffering, earlier this year. He will be sentenced in January 2024.

District Judge Kevin Grego warned him that a custodial sentence was "highly likely". North Staffordshire Justice Centre heard that the 27-year-old repeatedly punched a 12-week-old XL Bully in the head before throwing it across a street

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The first incident took place on Tuesday, May 2, when grabbed a French Bulldog by the scruff and threw it into the air. The second incident, which was caught on a Ring doorbell camera in Hanley on Friday, July 7 and was later circulated on social media.

According to Stokesentinel, in the original video, Steele can be seen walking down the street, when the dog appears to sit on its haunches and refuses to move. He was seen dragging the female XL Bully puppy along the pavement and striking it several times.

He then yanks the lead and delivers several blows on its head as it yelps. He can be heard muttering "Don't want it no more. He can f*** off."

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A few days later Steele turned up at the door from which the footage was taken and left a message on its doorbell camera. He can be heard to say: "I don't give a f*** about the video. I've told everyone it was me. I don't give two flying f***s. I'll treat my dog how I want to treat it."

Claire McGowen, prosecuting, said that although there were no veterinary reports detailing the animal's injuries, the suffering caused to the dog could be seen in the footage.

She said: "There were repeated instances of the use of substantial force causing a substantial level of suffering to a very young animal." Colin Drew, mitigating, told the court that Steele had been 'under the influence' of cocaine at that time and had since become drug-free.

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He said: "He has no previous convictions for this kind of thing. He does have a very bad record and he wouldn't deny that. He was under the influence of cocaine at that time. This last incident on July 7 put him in a situation where he has now become totally drug-free in the last couple of months. He has also benefitted from the assistance of his lady friend."

Steele was bailed to appear in court in January with the condition that he must not own or possess a dog or any other animal.

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District Judge Kevin Grego warned Steele that it was 'highly likely' that he would face a custodial sentence and be disqualified 'for a lengthy period' from keeping an animal at his next court appearance.

Ordering a pre-sentence report, he said: "It is highly likely that custody will follow, and highly likely that the court will disqualify you for a lengthy period from keeping an animal.

"The court will deal with you having regard to the sentencing guidelines of up to 12 months in custody for each offence. It may be that you will be sent to crown court."

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