Couple go viral with fake PS5 ‘baby’ shoot after landing hard-to-get console

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Sony’s next-gen PS5 console is in high demand, with some unscrupulous resellers charging up to £3,000 for the gaming monster on eBay.

So when Reddit user Jesse Dolan spotted a PS5 in stock in a store that's a mere two hours drive away, he was delighted.

Jesse, from Birmingham Alabama, told the Daily Star: “We’ve wanted one for a while but it seemed so difficult. We started really trying about two months ago. We followed all the restock pages on Twitter and had alerts on our phones, watches, everything. It was an experience like no other”

And what better way to commemorate his success than with a mock ‘new baby’ photoshoot featuring Jesse, his girlfriend Caitlin and their cat Lux.

“We had to drive to a Best Buy in Chattanooga, Tennessee,” Jesse told us. “It’s little over two hours away.

“But we’re fun and decided to make a day of it, visit a brewery, go to the zoo.

“We’re introverts and respect the quarantine very much so we saw it as a chance to add to the story”

Jesse says he was inspired to stage the photo session by all his friends doing their “rightfully cheesy” new-born baby shoots.

“We pulled all the lights and lamps from our apartment to get the lighting right. We had no idea it would get this much attention but we honestly just had good, fun intentions with the post.”

The pair’s creative photoshoot has been a viral smash on Reddit, with thousands of up votes and comments.

The Playstation was the least interesting thing in the photos for many, with Lux the cat being a particular point of interest.

One commenter pointed out: “Oh man, I love how the cat is like ‘What the f*** is wrong with you people?’” to which Jesse replied “She’s definitely perfected that look. And for the record, she was rewarded greatly for her modelling efforts.”

Lux was lavished with cat treats, says Jesse, to get her to sit still long enough to get the perfect shot.

Entering into the spirit of the thing, someone else wryly asked: “Did you at least burn down a Gamestop shop as gender reveal party?” and Jesse replied “Oh absolutely. But only in a really dry part of the country.”

It’s been a great year for Jesse. He met Caitlin, acquired a rare PS5 and enjoyed a hugely viral post on Reddit.

He says that his girlfriend likes gaming too, so they’ll both get a lot of enjoyment out of the Playstation. “Two introverts during a lockdown is simple,” he says. “It’s been one year exactly since our first date and we still say how lucky we are to have met.”

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