Couple shook three-month-old baby so hard they caused his brain to bleed

A couple who shook a three-month-old baby causing his brain to bleed have both been sent to jail after the infant suffered life-threatening injuries.

The child now "rocks back and forth and side to side" having suffered a bleed on the brain and fractured ribs. He also has an increased risk of developing epilepsy, a court heard.

The baby was in the care of Ryan Briody, 34, and Rebecca Stott, 29, when he sustained the injuries in 2018. The boy, now 3, will be affected by the abuse for the rest of his life.

The couple, originally from Greater Manchester but now living in Nottingham, tried to deny any wrongdoing and refused to blame one another. As it is unclear if one or both did it, both will go to prison.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Briody and Stott were both convicted of causing or allowing a child to suffer serious physical harm. Both were jailed for 27 months.

Neither Briody or Stott had any prior convictions and their lawyer told the court that prison was unnecessary as both were traumatised by their experience.

The couple accepted that one of them "must have lost their composure" when looking after the baby.

An investigation into the incident started on August 30, 2018, after Stott took the severely injured boy to Royal Oldham Hospital.

Prosecutor Harriet Lavin said: "He suffered a bleed on the brain, deprivation of oxygen to the brain and fractured ribs, some of which were at least 10 days old. There was also found to be a subdural bleed and at least one earlier episode of a haemorrhage."

It is thought that the boy was shaken at least two times, once two weeks before the trip to hospital and again immediately before it.

Lavin also explained that to this day the boy, now aged three, "rocks back and forth and side to side", has problems with communication and has an increased risk of epilepsy.

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Experts were unable to say whether the early signs of autism he is showing are related to the abuse as he is so young.

Judge Maurice Greene said: "This was use of significant force and more than one incident of cruelty including neglect. The evidence does not point to one or both of you. It cannot be certain which of you caused the injuries to the boy.

"He was a particularly young child of three months at the time. He was extremely vulnerable. It is quite clear only custody can be justified. This was a very serious matter involving life-threatening injuries to a very young child who was in your care."

He is now in the care of relatives.

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