Dad of murdered Brit boy, 16, rages at killer ‘look me in the eye you b*****d’

The father of a British teenager murdered in Thailand raged “look at me in the eye you bastard” as he confronted the boy’s killer.

On Sunday morning (May 7), Thai police took murderer Chaiwat Boongarin, 44, back to the spot in Lampang, northern Thailand, where he murdered 16-year-old Woramet Ben Taota on May 6.

As Chaiwat, handcuffed and wearing a bulletproof vest, was loaded into a police truck, the dead boy’s father Steven Graham yelled at the killer: "Take his mask off, I want to see his face, You're a coward. You're a coward. F*****g look at me you b*****d.

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"No, you can't look at me, you're a coward. Look, look at me. You b*****d."

The Eastbourne businessman told reporters at the scene: “I just want to throttle him. He's evil. He's pure evil, scum. I hope he rots in hell. What kind of coward kills a 16-year-old boy? He's a coward”.

As the killer was led away, Steven shouted: "Get in the car, you coward. hope you rot in hell."

Steven was comforted by Ben's mother Ooy Taota, who also shouted at the killer.

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Convicted sex offender Chaiwat, who was recently released from prison, admitted after a lengthy police interrogation that he had lured Ben to a forest and battered him to death, claiming he had killed the boy in revenge over a bungled drug deal.

Officers found Ben’s black shoulder bag containing a smartphone charger and a red wallet with his ID card and bank card.

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His smartphone and cash were missing, with police suggesting he could have been robbed for the gadgets and money.

Chaiwat has made unfounded claims that Woramet Ben and his girlfriend Suraphltchaya Khamsa, 16, who is still missing, were alleged methamphetamine runners for him but they stole the drugs.

Suraphltchaya has not been seen since and police are still searching for her.

Police Major General Mongkol Sampawapol, commander of Lampang Provincial Police, said: "The killer was angry because he believed that Ben kept drugs for himself and his girlfriends, so he hit the victim with a stick several times until he died.

"He is a criminal. He has been in prison before. He will be charged with murder".

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