Danger tourist 'Lord Miles' eyes Israel trip after Taliban release

Brit danger tourist ‘Lord Miles’ who was released from Taliban house-arrest claims he’s considering taking a trip to Israel amid Gaza war – as he poses for selfie with ‘captors’

  • Miles Routledge, 23, wants to ‘pop’ to Israel following release after eight months 

Brit danger tourist ‘Lord Miles’ posed for a selfie with his suspected Taliban ‘captors’ after being released from house-arrest before claiming that he is considering ‘popping’ down to Israel amid the Gaza war. 

YouTuber Miles Routledge spent months in ‘prison’ in Afghanistan after being captured by the Islamists in March.

However, the 23-year-old claimed to have become ‘best mates’ with the Taliban’s top commanders, enjoying ‘picnics and dinners with higher ups’ and even ‘snickering’ with the regime’s extremists while watching the latest Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. 

‘Lord Miles’ shared a selfie on X, bragged the ‘lovely lads treated me as a guest’ and claimed to have had the ‘best adventure I’ve had yet’. He then said he will return to Kabul next month – before claiming he’s considering whether he should ‘pop down to Israel vs Palestine’.

Fears of a wider regional war are growing as Israeli planes pound Gaza while Benjamin Netanyahu’s army prepares for a ground invasion after Hamas terrorists slaughtered innocent civilians in Israel during a bloody – and surprise – rampage dubbed the Jewish state’s ‘9/11’.

‘Lord Miles’ has previously ‘survived the most deadly island on the planet’ when he went to Snake Island in Brazil, which is populated with between 2,000 and 4,000 of the most venomous snakes in Latin America. Other videos are titled ’48 hours homeless in New York City’ and ‘Illegally crossing the Mexican border’. 

Miles Routledge, aka ‘Lord Miles’, smiles as he poses for a selfie with his Taliban captors and now says he is considering whether to ‘pop down’ to Israel amid Gaza war 

The 23-year-old spent eight months in ‘prison’ having ‘picnics and dinners with higher ups’ and snickering with the Taliban while watching the latest Barbie movie

Using his Lord Miles X page, he told of how he ‘really outdid myself’ and that he had now been granted immunity in Afghanistan meaning he won’t get stopped at checkpoints

Posting a picture of himself smiling alongside the Taliban, Routledge said: ‘Really outdid myself. Why did some of you think I was dead?

‘Why did anyone worry in the slightest? No faith in me! I have pull. Literally was watching the new Barbie movie with the Taliban and saw some of your comments on their phones, all of us snickering. Hehe.’

He claims to have been granted immunity in Afghanistan meaning he won’t get stopped at checkpoints and ‘all business docs will be setup for me as a gift’ when he returns to the country. 

‘Added bonus: it’s a weapons license,’ he gloated. 

Routledge claims he was detained as he forgot to get a permit for a mountain area he had travelled to ‘where the gold was located’ but in the end the Taliban just thought he was ‘a goofy guy’. 

Asked by one concerned social media user if he will now retire, he replied: ‘I retire when I’m dead.’  

The Foreign Office confirmed yesterday Routledge was one of four Brits – including a UN aid worker – to be released by the Taliban after they were held for allegedly breaking the country’s laws.   

The former Loughborough University student from Birmingham posts videos of himself travelling to dangerous countries to his 79,000 subscribers to his YouTube page.

Mr Routledge (pictured) reportedly lived in the lap of luxury while a prisoner of the Taliban

During the past few months in ‘prison’ Mr Routledge is said to have been in talks with Taliban officials over a gold mine

MailOnline has obtained the final picture he took before being held which shows the ‘danger tourist’ (left) giving the thumbs up while standing next to a member of the Taliban who is holding an automatic rifle

He shared footage of himself shooting an assault rifle given to him by a Taliban fighter. The video notched up more than a million views on his YouTube channel

Mr Routledge is pictured with meeting a Taliban fighter for one of his YouTube videos 

He was evacuated from Afghanistan in August 2021 by the British armed forces as the Taliban retook the country, but later returned and was arrested by Taliban forces in March. 

Last month, a friend of his took over his X account, and tweeted: ‘Miles is in a guesthouse and not an actual prison so he’s very comfortable.’

The anonymous friend added the ‘prison’ is more like a hotel, as Routledge has access to an Xbox, orders takeaways and has a ‘servant’. According to the friend the Taliban are fans of Lord Miles’ book’.

The friend said he can’t post photos of Routledge ‘for obvious reasons’ and said this could lead to speculation that ‘he’s dead’. But added that people ‘have no idea what Lord Miles is capable of thriving in’.

The thrillseeker’s friend said: ‘At first, like all of you, I was worried he was struggling in some bad place but then he described how the Taliban like the Titanic movie and Rambo 3.’

He added that Miles is writing his second book titled: ‘Lord Miles’ holiday in Taliban prison.’

‘If he wants eggs, his servants buy him eggs, if he doesn’t like a dish, he gets pizza. When we called him he said ‘lovely holiday’.

‘When we learnt of his hotel like conditions Miles then said ‘I’ll consider British ambassador to Afghanistan if the King asks nicely’.’

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