‘Devastated’ dog owner finds pooch saying ‘help’ on pet camera while home alone

A dog owner was left heartbroken after discovering what her beloved pooch did while she was home alone.

Sascha Crasnow, from Ann Arbor in Michigan, was only out for an hour to run errands so thought her dog Parker would be okay.

But Parker is no ordinary dog. He's been taught to use multiple speech buttons so he can communicate with his owner.

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And, as home security footage showed, Parker could be seen using the buttons to say "help".

The clip showed the dog first pressing "potty" before looking at the front door in the hope Sascha had heard and returned.

Sascha commented over the video that Parker "clearly wasn't feeling well".

But it was the last button press that left her "emotionally devastated".

The dog pushed on one which voiced the word "help".

Sascha posted the heartbreaking clip to her TikTok account puppyparkerposey with the caption: "The last press broke my heart."

It has since been seen more than 1million times, with viewers equally sad at the scenes.

"Her asking for help genuinely ruined my day but I'm happy she feels better now," one wrote.

Another commented: "I wish we could tell them that if they really can’t hold it anymore it’s fine and we won’t be mad."

And a third added: "This made me cry, hope she's doing better."

Sascha told Newsweek that some people were "annoyed" that she left her.

"They didn't realise that I wasn't at work all day and this was just about an hour I was out to run an errand," she explained.

"Other people have asked why I don't have a doggy door or other ways for her to relieve herself in an emergency, but it's not really practical in my one-bedroom apartment and this is the only time this has happened.

"It was a fluke thing that she was sick. In general, people have been super kind and asked if she is feeling better. She's all better and back to her normal self now thankfully."

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