Devastated kids steal neighbour’s dog to save it from being put to sleep

A man has triggered discussion online after he admitted to yelling at a group of upset kids who tried to take his dog just moments before it was to be put to sleep.

The anonymous 28-year-old made the heart-rending decision to put his loving pet down as she was suffering from a lot of pain and it was the kindest thing to do.

Yet from the outside, his four-legged friend looked fine – making the decision all that bit harder, the Mirror reports.

As the popular pooch was well-known in the community, he went around to all his neighbours so they could say their final goodbye.

But one distraught kid didn't understand and tried to persuade the man to keep his dog alive.

On the day of the booking at the vets, the child kidnapped the dog to try and put a stop to the owner's plans.

Taking to Reddit to write about the awful incident, the main said: "I had a dog that accompanied me for nine years.

"She wasn't very old and looks fine from the outside, but she was sick and in constant pain. It took a lot for me to accept that putting her down was the right choice, and tried my best to prepare myself for that day.

"I told my friends and neighbours about the appointment, the ones I know who cared about my dog and they were welcome to say goodbye to her.

"Among them is a 10-year-old girl who lives next door. The girl had been begging me to change my mind, to not give up on my dog and not to 'kill' her.

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  • "I was not in the mood of comforting or explaining things to kids, so I ignored her and just let my partner deal with her.

    "On the day of the appointment itself, I brought my dog out for a bit of sunshine before the actual departure.

    "The girl came again, this time with her friends and they just took my dog (she was very skinny then, even a kid could take her) and ran.

    They did not get far as my partner quickly went after them, took her back and put her in the car."

    In a move that sparked much debate online, the man then went to shout at the devastated kids after he got his dog back.

    "I completely lost my s***," he continued.

    "I had been holding back all this time when this girl had been harassing me for 'killing' my dog, and on the actual day she even stressed my dog out by pulling this stunt.

    "I screamed at the kids, calling them quite a number of names until the girl cried and ran away. It has been two weeks.

    "The family next door had been demanding an apology from me to the little girl, saying that I've traumatised her for yelling at her and that she only did that because she loved my dog.

    "I told them she deserved it, I am not going to apologize to a kid who similarly traumatised my dog during her last moments.

    "I have been called out for it several times because I cannot just avoid my neighbours in general and they were talking about how much of an asshole I am.

    "Even if she is a kid, I cannot forgive her, much less apologize."

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