Dog chews through door and sticks head out after ‘getting fed up with junk mail’

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    A dog has gone viral after being spotted chewing through a front door and poking her head out.

    The hilarious moment had locals in Kelty, Fife baffled, with a video showing the cream-coloured pet gnawing big chunks of wood off the front door.

    Marc King, who shared the footage on Facebook, explained: "Dog's literally chewed the letter box out and making its way through the door."

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    He also posted a hilarious picture of the dog sticking her head out and enjoying a breath of fresh air.

    Some viewers who lived on the same street recognised the pooch and commented on the bizarre scene.

    "I walked past it going to the nursery, it was just sitting with its tongue out looking about," a woman wrote.

    One neighbour said: "I walked past with my dog the other day and thought it was going to break through the window!"

    Others couldn't get their head around the dog's act, with one joking: "That's one way to avoid junk mail."

    "Poor dog must be so stressed and bored to do that," a second penned.

    A woman put her shoe into the dog owner and commented : "Imagine explaining this to the council to request a new door – I know the dog eat my homework but never the dog eat through a door."

    Some shared their experiences and suggested the dog might have anxiety issues.

    In a picture Marc sent to Daily Star, the dog owner has put up a wooden slab as a temporary solution to fill up the hole and added a letter box in the middle.

    "Proper job that," he said.


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