Dog owner devastated after feeding pooch crisp that may have been worth £100,000

A pet owner has been left devastated by the realisation that a crisp they fed to their dog was potentially worth a fortune.

A perfect heart-shaped crisp was found by Reddit user Dravalo, who says they filmed their beautiful black lab demolishing the potato snack three weeks ago.

The dog waits for the command from its owner before chowing down on the crisp, a sweet little visual representation of how Dravalo seemingly feels about their pooch.

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But three weeks later it turned out that all was not well and the sweet video was in fact a massive ball drop.

As the dog is seen waiting to eat the tiny crisp the clock ticks on the lifespan of what may in fact have been a heart-shaped snack worth up to £100,000.

Writing a post about their heartbreak Dravalo said: “This video is from 3 weeks ago. Imagine my surprise today when I learned I fed my dog a potentially £100k crisp.”

They were referring to Walkers heart-shaped crisp hunt which closed on March 20.

The competition tasked crisp lovers to “purchase a pack of Walkers potato crisps… if you find a heart-shaped crisp take a photo of it… follow @walkers_crisps…upload the picture to your grid with #lovefromwalkers and tag @walkers_crisps”.

The entries would be judged by an independent panel – the winner with the most heart-shaped crisp would be handed £100,000 as a reward.

People have been quick to offer messages of pity and condolence.

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“I hate to say this – but out of the photos of heart-shaped crisps, that’s the most heart-shaped one I’ve seen,” one said.

Commenting on how the dog waited before tentatively eating the crisp, another user said: “The dog looked like he knew but regrettably he had to appease his human by eating it.”

Dravalo replied: “She’s trained not to eat anything until I give her the command – so the second I told her it was ok she gobbled it up!”

Another made a similar joke: “No thanks that looks like a winning crisp to me. No I can't eat that, it's worth a lot of money.

“No I'm serious it's a life-changing sum, I really couldn't. Ah fine go on then if you insist. Your loss”

The winner of the Walkers heart-shaped crisp competition will be announced on April 4.

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