Dog tries to bring large plank of wood through narrow porch doors

Why not turn it the other way round? Dog howls in frustration before seemingly using his own body to work out how to bring a large plank of wood through patio doors into his home

  •  The problem-solving pooch was filmed in his home in Penetanguishene, Ontario
  • After struggling to get through the narrow doorway, he finally succeeded
  • His owner, Susanne Westwood, praised the tenacious Weimaraner, called Wally

This is the moment a clever boy worked out how to fit a long plank of wood through a narrow doorway.

The video, recorded in Penetanguishene, Ontario, and uploaded to YouTube on December 27, shows a determined dog trying and trying to get a long stick into his home.

The dog, named Wally, discovers the long plank of wood on the patio, hidden behind the barbecue.

Wally, the problem-solving pooch from Penetanguishene, Ontario, was filmed trying to fit a long plank through the narrow patio doorway

The brown Weimaraner embodies the proverb, ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’

Clearly delighted with his discovery, Wally begins exploring the piece of wood – scratching and biting at it.

After some wrestling, the brown Weimaraner manages to get it in its mouth, before trotting happily towards the house.

Wally soon finds himself in a seemingly insuperable game of Tetris, as he struggles to fit the unwieldy plank through the narrow doorway.

Success! Wally makes it back into his home with the long plank between his teeth

After a frustrated howl and a few failed attempts, Wally finally bests the challenge, angling himself so that he and the plank slip through into the house.

His owner, Susanne Westwood, laughs: ‘Oh, you did it! Smarty pants.’

The video ends as Wally settles down in front of the TV with his prize, presumably preparing to chew it to splinters.

‘It was hilarious and astonishing to watch Wally process how to manoeuvre the plank through the door,’ Westwood said.

A YouTube commenter was reminded of an old adage after watching Wally’s struggle, saying: ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way.’

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