Domino’s pizza delivery driver rages about tip after waiting 5 minutes in rain

A Domino’s pizza delivery man has sparked a fierce debate on TikTok after a customer failed to give him a tip.

The unfortunate employee was caught on camera having a meltdown after he waited five minutes in the rain with the order, only to get nothing for his extra effort and the inconvenience.

Back in the takeaway shop, he screams in rage: "I don’t want to work here anymore!"

The person behind the camera laughs and tells him to "calm down", but the driver is inconsolable.

Punching a stack of empty pizza boxes, he shouts: "Five minutes! Five minutes out there in the rain, and no tip? No tip?"

"Holy s***," says the guy filming the explosive outburst.

The video has been watched more than 1 million times since it was uploaded on TikTok by user on Sunday, February 21, and it has split opinion down the middle.

Some people have been questioning if it’s ever okay to order delivery if you can’t afford to give a tip to the driver.

The top-rated viewer said: "I literally can’t comprehend how people don’t tip.

"If you can’t afford to tip you can’t afford to eat out or order food. Period."

Another person said: "I forgot to tip my driver one time I called back to get him to come back and tipped him $40 on a $17 order because he had to come back."

On the other hand, a user commented: "I avoid places where they expect a tip.

"It’s awkward and I’m paying for a service or product already."

The TikTok user who uploaded the video said he thought it would be acceptable to leave a tip of just a dollar or even just apologise for making him wait in the rain, rather than take the pizza without caring.

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