Drug-abuser is jailed after slicing his partner's neck with a machete

Drug-abusing boyfriend is jailed for five years after slicing his partner’s neck with a machete and then forcing her to the chemist to buy bandages

  • Man jailed for five years over machete assault on partner 
  • Jalal Homsi held the machete against woman’s throat 
  • She sustained a deep finger laceration pushing it away 

A man who was fascinated with knives has been jailed for slicing his partner’s neck and finger with a machete in a terrifying drug-fuelled act of jealous rage.

Jalal Homsi, 34, was sentenced to five years in Adelaide’s District Court over the November 2019 incident where he held a machete at his partner’s throat as ‘extremely violent’.

Homsi, who was under the influence of meth and fantasy, had earlier begged his partner to buy the machete and bring it to where they were staying in a caravan park in Adelaide’s southern suburbs.

Jalal Homsi has been jailed for five and a half years for holding a machete to his partner’s neck, cutting her, and slicing her finger

Homsi terrified his partner into fearing she going ‘was going to die’ during his rage-fuelled attacks

The partner testified that Homsi grew violent and paranoid under the influence of the narcotics and accused her of being unfaithful.

After the woman denied his allegations, Homsi tried to suffocate and strangle her, which may have led to her ‘momentarily blacking out’. 

Homsi then held the machete blade to the woman’s throat, causing a cut and she suffered a further deep gash to her finger by pushing the weapon away.

‘She felt like she was going to die,’ Judge Timothy Heffernan said according to the Adelaide Advertiser.

‘The experience was no doubt humiliating and frightening for her.’ 

He noted Homsi only had the weapon because he had ‘begged’ his partner to buy it for him as part of his fascination with knives.

After the machete attack Homsi agreed to accompany the woman to the Westfield Marion shopping mall to buy bandages. 

Homsi will have a non-parole period of three years

With the help of staff at a shop the woman seized to opportunity to flee from him.

‘That entire sequence of events must have been terrifying for her,’ Judge Heffernan said.

In a victim impact statement the woman said within the space of months Homsi had gone from being ‘sweet, kind, loving’ to ‘very controlling’.

‘During the course of your relationship, she lost contact with her family, children and friends because of your violent and controlling nature,’ Judge Heffernan said.

Homsi was sentenced to five and a half years with a non-parole of three years.

In sentencing Homsi the judge said that although he had taken some steps towards rehabilitation there was still a way to go before he could be considered safe in the community

The sentence took into account a year already spent in jail before the trial and time on bail in home detention. 

Despite efforts Homsi had made at rehabilitation, including a letter of apology, Judge Heffernan said he still had a way to go to properly take responsibility for his actions and was ‘a danger to the community’.

Homsi spent time in early 2020 on the run and tried to get the woman to drop all charges.

He was arrested in April 2022 and found guilty the following August of unlawfully choking, suffocating or strangling and a charge of attempting to dissuade a witness. 

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