Drug smuggler Cocaine Cassie quits OnlyFans nudes after getting ‘uncomfortable’

A drug smuggler dubbed Cocaine Cassie has quit OnlyFans because she “didn’t feel comfortable” selling nudes.

Cassandra Sainsbury, 25, was jailed in Colombia after being caught smuggling 5.8kg of the powder hidden inside of a pair of headphones in April 2017.

Cassie, from Adelaide in Australia, was freed in April 2020 and is now living in Colombian capital Bogota.

She ended up on OnlyFans after struggling to find work due to visa complications.

The 26-year-old told KIIS FM’s Kyle & Jackie O show that she has since stopped selling pics.

She said: “I was on OnlyFans but it wasn’t ever anything fully explicit.”

Cassie agreed that it was “naughty, suggestive but nothing gross”.

However, she still “didn’t feel comfortable” with the work.

She uploaded two photos to the account and a caption reading “What happens next?” with a winky emoji.

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Cassie’s parole doesn’t finish until May next year, but she thinks a judge may end up sending her home beforehand.

She’s also started dating a mystery woman, a computer technician who she’s trying to teach English.

Cassie has claimed she smuggled the drugs under duress, and said her family were being threatened.

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However, she has not provided evidence to back it up.

Cassie served time at one of Colombia’s most notorious prisons, El Buen Pastor.

Corruption is commonplace and violence regularly breaks out between the inmates.

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Australian author Rusty Young wrote about the conditions in Marching Powder, a book on South American prisons.

He said: "If you've got money in these prisons then you can have a decent lifestyle and you can buy certain comforts and certain privileges from the guards and from other prisoners — money is king, basically.”

Owing to overcrowding issues during the pandemic, some prisoners were granted early parole last year – including Cassie.

Last month, she gave her social media followers a glimpse of a new tattoo sleeve.

She showed off her fully inked right arm on Instagram with the sleeves of her open black blazer rolled up, while wearing only a lace bra underneath.

Discussing her return to Australia, Cassie previously said: “I’m looking forward to the weather, the beaches … I guess the food as well. Everything.”

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In a TikTok video released at the same time, Sainsbury joked that she would rather go back to prison than date men again.

She started seeing women in prison and later became engaged to a Venezuelan woman Joli Pico, but the relationship ended following her release from jail.

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