Elle Brooke say she’ll make OnlyFans vids with boxing opponent’s male relatives

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has told her upcoming boxing opponent she is going to visit Poland and make porn videos with her male relatives.

The porn star was drawn in a fight against Polish influencer Ola Danielka in the first round of KingPyn's High Stakes influencer boxing tournament.

Danielka, whose real name is Aleksandra Daniel, was a contestant on the third series of Love Island Poland while studying as a journalism student in her home country.

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She also towers over 5ft 1in Elle.

The two appeared amicable as they hugged when the draw was announced but things quickly turned sour after Danielka said she wouldn't have touched Elle if she'd known about her porn career.

Now Elle has hit back in a fiery video on Instagram. The caption read: "Get your translator to translate this @ms.danielka…

"I am coming to make videos in Poland with all the men in your family x."

Staring down the lens of the camera and addressing Danielka directly, Elle said: "Ola or Owla, whatever the f**k your name is, said you were disgusted with my job and you wouldn't have touched me yesterday.

"And you said you were going to f**k me in the ring come April 22.

"Firstly, let's all have a round of applause for Ola's career change. Apparently she's going to make a video with me on April 22. Big thumbs up.

"I can just see the title now – the giraffe and the dwarf. My OnlyFans or yours? We'll split the money, I know you're going to need it after your failed boxing career."

Elle continued: "And I thought, you know, I really hate this language barrier, it's been a bit awkward, you've piped up on the internet today and you haven't got your translator their to back you up on this one.

"So I will go to Poland to learn your language, and I heard you have a few sexy brothers I can learn it from so we will see if they teach me a thing or two.

"But you'll see me in Poland in a few weeks – so let's see if you have the balls then."

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