Elle Brooke says ‘Sh*galuf is wild’ as she’s mobbed and jeered in club

OnlyFans star-turned-influencer-turned-boxer Elle Brooke has been living her best life party resort Magaluf, claiming that “Sh*galuf is wild”.

Brooke has been having fun while making her debut in the Spanish holiday hotspot.

From being seen dancing around a stripper pole at the Pure Strip Club, to going out partying wearing a sleek black dress, it's safe to say Elle is making the most of it.

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She is also out there with Mr Bosh, boxer Johnny Fisher.

On her Instagram, she posted a video of her in a club, on stage.

She was light up in deep red, alongside Johnny, while a mob in front of her demanded selfies.

Johnny gave her the microphone and asked her to perform his infamous “BOOOSH” catchphrase, but was seemingly booed when she took the microphone and just went “bosh” without any effort whatsoever.

However, that didn't stop the crowds wanting to take selfies with her, and she seemingly obliged.

She captioned the video “Sh*galuf is wild”.

The club was literally filled with just men, and Elle, and another video shows them all on stage chanting “bosh, bosh, bosh, bosh, bosh”.

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Before making the trip to Magaluf, Elle took to Instagram to share an astonishing throwback snap of her before her new fitness journey.

Brooke has spent most of the last 12 months getting into incredible shape as she looks to make a success of her fledgling boxing career.

And while the muscles and toned physique are obvious to most, what is less obvious is the weight loss.

The Manchester City fan posted an Instagram story of her wearing an old bikini top and bottom set that she found while packing to go to Magaluf on holiday – and it was very roomy.

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She said: “I was going through my bikini bottoms and these used to be tighter on me.

“I'll put a picture up and you'll be like WTF.

“It's madness to think how far we've cut back – look, they're literally falling off.

“It's like wearing a nappy.

“This is one hell of a fitness journey.”

She then posted a photo of herself looking very different to how she does now, wearing the same bikini bottoms while taking a mirror selfie.

She also used the head exploding emoji.

It is not clear when exactly the photo was taken, however.

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