Elon Musk failed and ‘bent to’ Ukrainians with Twitter, says blocked Putin pal

Elon Musk is "not up to the task" and Twitter has "caved in" to the Ukrainians after tweets by high-ranking Russian politicians were deleted, a scorned pal of Vladimir Putin has fumed.

Using a derogatory term for Ukrainians, former president and current Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev fumed that Russia was getting the same treatment as Trump once did.

It came after Medvedev used Twitter to demand the severance of diplomatic relations with Poland.

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"Twitter has caved in to the State Department and the Khokhols [a derogatory Russian term for Ukrainians]. He’s done the same thing that he once did with Trump. Unfortunately, Elon was clearly not up to this task," he said.

Pravda reported that Medvedev admitted, however, that the Russians have been using Twitter "to promote our propaganda goals".

Medvedev reckons he can do without Twitter, though, reports said.

The fighting talk comes after the Russian embassy in Warsaw claimed that the Polish authorities had confiscated all the money from the accounts of the Russian diplomatic mission and trade office.

Days later, on April 29, it was reported that Polish authorities took control of a building after a court order. ussia’s ambassador to Poland called this a violation of the Vienna Convention and promised retaliation from Moscow, according to Pravda.

The news comes after Medvedev told an audience of Russian teenagers that the threat of climate change is trivial compared to the danger of a nuclear war.

At a Knowledge educational marathon, Medvedev said that there were “truly a lot of things wrong with our world”.

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Dismissing concerns about climate change, he said: “Let’s talk about the preservation of humanity. Enough of complaining about the temperature rising by 1 degree a year".

“Do you really care about the climate so much?" Medvedev asked, adding: "In my opinion, this is nothing compared to being in the epicentre of an explosion with a temperature of 5,000 Kelvins, a shock wave of 350 metres per second, and a pressure of 3,000 kilograms per square metre with penetrating radiation, that is ionising radiation, and electromagnetic pulses.

“This [threat] exists today, unfortunately, and it’s growing with every day for known reasons…

“The Western world was unfair to our country to a large extent – “Did they hear us? no, they didn’t.

“They simply mocked [us] all these years, wearing us down…”

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