‘European Sex Championships warehouse was like torture – we weren’t allowed out’

Organisers of the European Sex Championships allegedly only allowed the contestants of the tournament to go outside for fresh air and sunlight for one hour a day, two different entrants have claimed.

Two contestants who exclusively spoke to the Daily Star said that the organisers, the Swedish Sex Federation, prevented the contestants, who flew to Sweden from across Europe, from spending longer than an hour outside.

They also claimed that this was after the organisers initially tried to keep them inside the “warehouse”, located two hours away from Gothenburg, for the entirety of the tournament, where one person was set to win a massive £860,000.

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Mister Riddle, the porn star who was selected to represent Slovenia in the inaugural competition, told the Daily Star: “We were first instructed that we cannot leave this premises.

"It was later on that we agreed that [for] one hour per day each person can go out for fresh air.

“We expected that we would have some sort of a balcony for fresh air, not a closed environment.

"We need fresh air because that's, that's a little bit of torture."

Nek Sinner, who flew to Sweden to represent Greece, backed up the claims, adding: “In the first days we couldn't leave the house but then they allowed us to go for an hour walk.”

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The pair also both claimed that contestants were expected to sleep in the same beds that they were spending at least 45 minutes a day having sex in, raising concerns over hygiene and organisation issues.

Both adult performers also said that the organiser's claims that contestants had brought alcohol and drugs to the competition was incorrect.

They both told the Daily Star that in fact the organisers provided booze.

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Dragan Bratic, the head organiser of the event, previously claimed that contestants had been disqualified from the competition because they brought drugs and booze with them.

He previously said: “They even brought alcohol to the house and they did not act like sportsmen at all.

"All contestants are therefore disqualified from the competition.”

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But Nek told the Daily Star: “The only alcohol in the house were beers brought by the organisers. None of the contestants tried to take drugs, as we are all professional and serious people and we would not do such a thing.”

Mister Riddle confirmed this account, adding that each contest only had “a couple of glasses” on the last night that they were all there.

The Daily Star previously reported that nearly all the contestants left after an incident between Ukrainian competitor Talia Mint and Dragan Bratic, in which the organiser tried to rip Talia’s phone out of her hand.

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The incident was recorded on Instagram Live, which shows the incident taking place.

Shortly before her phone was snatched from her, Mint told her online audience: “We all wanted for this to work. We were so excited for the opportunity and to be part of this project.”

The Daily Star has contacted the Swedish Sex Federation for comment.

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